Sell your brands

Sell your brands

We’re originally e-commerce brand builders first

A/B testing
Our brand feature
Our brand feature
Our brand feature
Our brand feature
Volume buying
Our brand feature
Search Engine Optimisation
Our brand feature
Influencer Marketing
Our brand feature
Listing Optimisation
Our brand feature
Local Marketplace uitbreiding
Our brand feature
Organic rankings
Our brand feature
Review management
Our brand feature
Sponsored brands
Our brand feature
Subscribe & Save
Our brand feature
Supply chain efficiency
Our brand feature
VAT Registrations
Our brand feature
International expansion
Our brand feature
E-mail marketing
Our brand feature

So we see bigger potential, and offer the best terms

Better valuations
We see more upside because we actually understand your potential
Founder friendly
Stay on with the brand with earn out or exit cleanly - it’s up to you
Niche focused
We’re specific to our niche, which gives us a unique advantage over others

Who you are

You have been in business
for at least 2 years.
Average review score of 4.5+
Your annual revenue is more
than GBP £200K.
Your products are from evergreen categories or high growth niches, & non seasonal
You sell products in the health and wellness sector (it’s a broad definition, if you’re not sure - just ask!)

The Process

Lets connect
30 minutes
We love to know you, how you build your business and what you are looking for, to be best able to help you and us
Preliminary offer
2 days
We provide feedback within 48 hours including a preliminary offer
Due Diligence Diligence
2 weeks
We provide a formal letter of intent, escrow an agreed upon deposit, and deep dive into diligencing your business. At end of diligence we make a formal offer based on learnings from the diligence as well as based on mutual understanding
2 weeks
Upon acceptance of the offer we create and execute all documents. Typically it takes 2 weeks to close the transaction and for you to get paid. Transition of accounts and all assets depends upon complexity of business

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